Buffet Choices

for Groups and Conferences



World's Buffet

Corn chips with avocado salsa

Mango salad with crab meat & cilantro

Ginger glaced salmon

Asian noodle salad with papaya

West African chicken stew (Domodah)

Sweet potatoe salad with beans & star anise

Caribbean BBQ ribs

Exotic fruits

Chocolate mousse


Price 425:- pp

Swedish Buffet

Matjes herring, red onion & sour cream

Vodka marinated salmon with dill & mustard sauce

Rostbeaf with roasted onion & pickles

Fresh potatoe salad with dill dressing

Cheese pie with whitefish caviar

Strips of reindeer in a sauce with flat bread

Seasons salad with nobis dressing

Lingonberry bread & whipping butter

Cheese cake


Price 445:- pp

Summer Buffet

Tandori-marinerad drumsticks with curcuma cream

Melon and shrimps cocktail in basil oil

Pastasallad à la pesto

Fresh potatoe salad with dill dressing

Sallad with fresh spinach, tomatoes, red onion & pine nuts

Lime-glazed salmon with advocado cream

Pork collar with tomatoes & red onion salsa

Olive cream with garlic & crostini

Cheese cream & bread

Fruit dessert with vanilla yoghurt


Price 425:- pp

Deluxe Buffet

Salmon ceviche with mango & chili

Serrano ham with fresh figs

Turkey pastrami

Risoni salad with shrimps

Chicken marinated with red pesto

Tomato salad with artichoke heart & fresh spinach

Root vegetable gratin

Honey marinated feta cheese with olivs

Cheese, crackers, grapes & jam

Cheese cream with home made bread


Price 465:- pp

For groups with more than 30 people.

Subject to change.