Swedish roe, hash brown & wild garlic vinaigrette 185:-
Smoked Duck, salad of large capers, pickled beets, sour cream & herb salad 155:-
Onion tart, sun dried tomatoes, olives & rocket salad (veg) 155:-


Creamy spinach soup, shrimps and fennel flavored cream 135:-


Main course
Baked fillet of witch, grilled lime, fennel dill & asparagus chips 285:-
Duck breast, calvados, grapes, pearl onion & fennel risotto 285:-
Baked flank steak, red wine sauce, tarragon butter & grilled vegetables 295:-
Lens- & bean steak, fried carrots in a bundle & salt baked potatoes (veg) 225:-


Mansions Classics
Fish- & seafood stew, saffron, root vegetables, sour cream & croutons 245:-
Chuck steak hamburger, coleslaw, cheese, smoked bacon, fried potatoes & onion rings 225:-
"Isterband" (smoked sausage), cream boiled potatoes, mustard & beetroots 225:-


Pancake pile, vanilla ice cream, berry compote & syrup 115:-
Pannacotta, almond, fresh berries & melted white chocolate 115:-
"Banana Split" the Möckelsnäs way 115:-
Crème Brûlée 99:-
Coffee & Pralines 99:-

Child menu
Manors meat balls, with lingon berries, gravy & boiled potatoes 99:-
Hamburger, lettuce, tomato, dressing & French fries 99-
Pancakes with cream and jam 99:-
Children's ice cream 75:-

Dinner menu from 545:-
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