Elk carpaccio, roasted hazelnuts, aged cheese,

lingonberry balsamico & croutons 175:-


Nettle soup- poached quail egg

& black sesame tuile 125:-


Möckelsnäs herring on roasted rye bread

egg, seaweed caviar, sour cream & chives 135:-



Main course

Porkchop from Nedanbäck,

crushed potatoes, apple, bacon, cabbage& mustard sauce 265:-


Grilled pike-perch, cured egg yolk, dilled potatoes,

asparagus & mussel foam 275:-


Trio of stuffed mini peppers, Chevré, walnuts & honey.

Lentils, root vegetables & tomato. Black bean filling & risotto made with four grits (veg.)



Mansions Classics

Fish & Seafood stew, saffron, root vegetables,
aioli & croutons 245:-


Chuck steak hamburger, Möckelsnäs brioche, bacon, fried egg,

chili cheese, barbecue sauce,& waffle chips 225:-


"Isterband" from Nedanbäck, (smoked sausage)

Creamed root vegetables, mustard cream

& root beet chutney 235:-


Black bean burger, Möckelsnäs brioche, fried egg, chili cheese,

barbecue sauce& waffle chips (veg.) 225:-



Crèma Catalana 99:-


Chocolate paste, yuzu sorbet & berries 125:-


Variation of Möckelsnäs ice cream & sorbet 99:-





Evening menu 3-course from 555:-

Please ask our staff for the choice of the evening