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Rye bread toast with mushrooms sour cream & parsley (veg) 125:-
"Västerbottenost" cake, crayfish sticks, dill - lemon emulsion & carrot - fennel crudité 125:-
Main course  
Cannelloni filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, mushrooms & served with tomato & sage salsa (veg) 225:-
Fish & Seafood stew, saffron, root vegetables, croutons & aioli 245:-
Veal entrecote, red wine sauce, herb butter, root vegetable fries & buttered vegetables 285:-
Chuck steak hamburger- bacon, "Herrgårds" cheese, barbecue-sauce & root vegetables fries 225:-
Kitchen's choice  245:-
Cheese plate, three kinds of cheese served with fig marmalade & biscuits 115:-
Chocolate Fondant, poached cherry & lemon-basil sorbet   115:-
Crème Brûlèe   99:-

Child menu (only children)


Meatballs - boiled potatoes, lingonberry & gravy


Pasta Carbonara, tagliatelle, bacon, gravy & parmesan


Ice cream, chocolate sauce




Dinner menu from 545:-
Ask the staff for tonight´s choice of three-course dinner


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