Outdoor activities

croquet_1677742c.jpgWe can offer several funny outdoor games. After an intensive conference day it is ok to do something else and relax and have something else on your mind. The informal part of a conference meeting is often the most important part. It could be at the bar or lounge, but why not a 'light' activity. Chat with your colleagues during the event and get to know your colleagues better. Team work and individual performance can help you.


You can choose from the following games:

  • Mikado
  • Kubb
  • Jeu de Boule
  • Horse shoe throwing
  • Croquet
  • Yatze
  • Pion or bottle football

For further details please contact us.



Meditation-i-tradgarden.jpg Out into nature!

Why not book an invigorating and revitalizing activity to create new focus and presence of mind during your conference?


Let us customize a nature-inspired experience, with exercises that will make you more relaxed and open to new ideas, solutions and thoughts. Spending focused time in nature reduces heart rate, stress hormones and changes the frequency of our brain waves. We become more present, "clear" and creative in both thoughts, feelings, body and energy, which is an advantageous state to be in. All the exercises can be done by yourselves at home to create and maintain balance in everyday life.


An experience that creates both short and long term health and well-being benefits on multiple levels for both the individual and the group.


Examples of exercises:

• Nature meditation indoors / outdoors

• Mindfulness in nature or indoors

• A special kind of quiz walk with health focus

• Forest bathing, Forest therapy

• Exercises and advice for everyday stress management - based on meditation, mindfulness, mental training

• Experience-based lectures on how to use nature to create good health and well-being in life.


We customize a program that suits your group size and your wishes.


Time: 1-2 h

Participants: 7 - 30 persons

Location: Indoors and outdoors at Möckelsnäs surroundings


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